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Yorkton Furnace Maintenance and Repairs

When winter arrives you don’t want to be without heat. Taking care of your Yorkton furnace year-to-year with maintenance and repairs is the best way to extend its life. These are some early warning signs of a furnace problem that you can detect:

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Unusual Sounds

If your furnace is making noticeable noises, then you might have a few different problems. Scraping sounds usually deal with the ball bearings or belt in the furnace. If you hear a loud rattling noise, then your heat exchange might be cracked. When you hear any unusual sounds from your furnace you should shut off your furnace and contact the professionals.

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Pilot Light Yellow Colour

Your pilot light should be a blue colour. If your furnace is getting more carbon dioxide than it needs, the colour will change to yellow. We can make the correct adjustments to reset your pilot light.

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Home Heating Bill Increase

An inefficient furnace will cause your heating bills to rise. You also might notice that there are colder areas in your home than years before. A well maintained furnace will be cost-effective while still giving you consistent warmth.

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Furnace Age

Furnaces don’t last forever. Most furnaces will last almost 20 years. If you see that your furnace is getting up in age it is even more important to keep up on routine maintenance.

HPL 360° Furnace Tune-Up

Our 360° furnace inspection looks over your entire furnace to make sure that it is running efficiently. We then make any adjustments that will improve your furnace to make it more cost-effective and safe. Set up a tune-up today.

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