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Replacement Furnace Installation in Yorkton

Thinking of upgrading your home heating system? Let the experts at Hancock Plumbing help you pick the right furnace for your needs and home. If you are looking to save money, our high-efficiency furnaces can lower gas bills and keep you more comfortable all year. We offer installation and replacement of furnace units all around Yorkton.

When deciding on a furnace it is important to know the different options available. Your furnace may be categorized as a:

Single Stage Furnace

These furnaces have a gas flame that is either on or off. When you set a temperature the furnace will only turn on when the temperature goes under your setting. The furnace will blow warm air until the temperature reaches the right level. Once it is at the right temperature the furnace will shut off and restart the cycle.

These furnaces are inexpensive to purchase, but are the least energy efficient.

Two Stage or Dual State Furnace

This type of furnace has two stages that give your home the most consistent temperature. Typically, your furnace will be on the low setting that operates at a little over 50% power. This gives your home constant warm air while still keeping your unit quiet. If the temperature starts to dip during the colder days in winter, the full system will turn on to warm up your home.

Modulating or Variable Furnace

This furnace has the smallest heat fluctuation and the highest energy efficiency out of any furnace. A modulating furnace will automatically adjust the air speed and size of flame to keep your home at one temperature constantly. With a variable furnace in your home, you will never have to wait for the furnace to kick back on again.

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